Sara Harrell

Photography Services - White Dove Releases

Sara Harrell offers Photography services and White Dove Releases.

To establish the BEST rate for your service, please contact us directly.

In Montana, Funeral Homes are not required to tell you if they have placed any additional charge/s the service fee I charge. This is for any third party vendor.

*If you feel you have paid more than my service fee, do by all means, feel free to contact me directly to review where you stand.

In Lieu Of ~
Family and Friends may also send a full, or partial flight of Doves in lieu of flowers to promote healing for all in attendance.

  • When you contact your funeral home of choice -

Please let both the funeral home, and Infinity Lofts - MTDove know if

  1.  you wish to pay for your Dove Flight through the funeral home,
  2. or you wish to pay me directly.

Thank you.