Sara Harrell

Photography Services - White Dove Releases

Sara Harrell offers Photography services and White Dove Releases.

Photography Services FAQ:


I'm intrigued!  But I am not sure what some of these options are, can you tell me more about what you do?




  • Celebrations of Life - "Primary Photographer"


  • Weddings as a "second shooter" where I am not the main photographer. This is especially hard if I am there to also release a dove flight. So I prefer the role of 'second shooter" and gain the moments that other wise would have been missed while the main photographer (of your choice and hire) is with the bride, groom. While I focus on the more of wedding moments between guest, and the details of the day. I like finding the moments you otherwise would have never known happened. ;)


  • Elopement - "Main Shooter" for the bride and groom who are looking for a wedding photographer for a shorter event NOTE: * limit on participants applies.


  • Sporting Events

  • Class Reunions

  • Family Reunions

  • Public / Private Dinners



  • Environmental Portraits - a portrait executed in the subject's usual environment, such as their home, workplace, or area they love life (out fishing, hunting, working with their horse, etc). It typically illuminates the subject's life and surroundings. I often travel for these especially with HS Seniors.


  • Perspective Portraits - showing people at their best. I capture individuals with specialized glass - lenses - that accentuate the positive, and correct distortions that are found in most portrait photography. Educated in how to make you look your best with your least effort, and comfort. I promise to show you the beauty in you that I see.


  • Lifestyle Portraits - Allowing families to just go about their day while I am a fly on the wall to their living. Often a favorite for those wishing pet portraits as there is so much more meaning within the photos I take this way.



Special Gatherings


  • Funerals, Celebration of Life, Remembrance,

    (it's not gruesome when done with taste and class) Done in a documentary style, it allows those grieving to better remember the days events, and bring family and friends together for professional quality photos as it is often a sad family reunion.


  • Stillborn and Infant loss - Parents and Grandparents need to know their little bundle of joy that left too soon, is real. Photography in this way is extremely healing. The photography I do will depend upon the condition of the child, but you would never know by looking at my images that the infant was stillborn, or waiting in heaven. Very tastefully done, having been taught through apprenticeship. I will care for the one you lost, as much as you do, with taste, love, and the highest of respect for them, and the family.



  • Of Note: Dove Flights NOT required for photographic services.